The crowdfunding campaign to support «You Will Be a Man» starts.

21 of June 2018 by Grismedio


A summer solstice… sunnier than ever!                    

Today, June 21st we start our #Adoptadocumentary campaign. It’s  great news since it has taken us 5 years to get this project ready. Lots of energy and efforts made by lots of people have gone into it but….we’ve finally made it!!!!

It has been 5 years of an amazing journey for all of us together: Abel, Rafa, Juan, Jimy, Irene, Natalia, Miguel, Carlos, Javier Jato and his team, and many others. We have all learned a lot along the way and we would love to share our experience with you.

This project talks about you and me, about all of us. It deals with our diverse identities and with the social foundations of current prejudices and stereotypes.  We need your help to finally make this project come true. 

Keep connected 😉